The Crooked Road Céilí Band – First Annual Santa Cruz Mountains Winter Set Dance & Céilí



The Crooked Road Céilí Band hosted an Irish dance party at the historic Trout Farm Inn on January 31, 2015. Set dancing and céilí (pronounced “kay-lee,” Irish for “party!”) was called by San Francisco’s Michael Murphy! It was an evening like no other!

Reviews for our evening of fun…we packed the house! Thank you so much everyone for joining the dance and filling the Felton Trout Farm Inn with joyful community! Real Irish music, real Irish dancing, fantastic folks! Stay tuned for our next céilí!

“Wow and wow! Congratulations on a killer event. Thank you from all of us, I had a great time…[the dance] was awesome and a half!”

“Home from a great night with great people! The Irish is where it is at! They are all such nice happy people. This all happened at the Felton Trout Farm Inn. In all of my years (and I was born and raised here in the Felton Trout Farm neighborhood) I have never seen it soooo packed! Very uplifting to be in this crowd and with good friends. Thanks for the invite and the always wonderful laughs.”

“Wow, it’s happening at the Felton Trout Farm Inn with wonderful Irish music, dancing and great company!! Fun, fun!”

“Julie! The dance y’all played was amazing! So fun and cozy and great! Please please play more of these, I would love to learn more set and ceili dancing and more Irish music. What a great combo of things all in one evening! Y’all are fantastic!!

Julie, congrats on organizing a super evening at the Trout Farm Inn! What a superb turnout, the atmosphere was super, excellent music, Michael did an amazing job calling the dances to so many newbies and everyone had a blast!! You are hired as the Santa Cruz area Irish cultural ambassador!! Keep us posted on future events!” -Dee McNamara

“Last night was one of the most fun shows I have ever booked! I was so stoked to see such a nice turn out and the dancing and music was awesome! Julie Horner The Crooked Road Céilí Band. More video to come! – Chas at the Felton Trout Farm Inn at The Crooked Road Céilí Band ~ First Annual Santa Cruz Mountains Winter Céilí and Set Dance.

“Thank you to The Crooked Road Céilí Band, all of the folks that showed up and had a fantastic time last night and the great dance instructor. The music and vibe fit our place so well. You guys rock!” – Kelly McGuire, owner of the Felton Trout Farm Inn at The Crooked Road Céilí Band ~ First Annual Santa Cruz Mountains Winter Céilí and Set Dance.

Such a fun night of dancing. A big thank you to those that put this on!” -Rosemarie Robinson

Photos contributed by dance participants and by Sean McLean Photography.

trout farm

trout farm3 trout farm4 trout farm5 trout farm6

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