Late Summer Weddings and Wine in the Santa Cruz Mountains, CA

By Julie Horner

The Crooked Road Céilí Band
The Crooked Road Céilí Band

Oh the end of summer in the Santa Cruz Mountains! Lazy warm breezes by day and the steady rhythm of crickets fills cooling nights. The Mighty San Lorenzo River offers refreshing relief from the noontime sun, but the light is taking on a new angle, leaves hint at falling and shadows dance while birds of all feathers twitter and zoom, apparently oblivious to the upcoming change of season. The garden holds forth great quantities of peppers and tomatoes where we are, cilantro, beans, and the basil is holding its own…fresh salsa, salty chips, and cold beer…stretching the lingering goodness of the earth and the warm summer sun.

This time of year The Crooked Road Céilí Band is suddenly busy with late summer weddings, early Autumn birthdays, farm tours and the last of the local art and wine festivals! Pachelbel’s Canon, Ave Maria, and as many Irish jigs and reels as we can fit into our allotted time sharing our love of Irish music and a good party with strangers who become lifelong friends. The experience of connecting with every bride, every punter, every festival goer and person turning 70 years young is absolutely priceless! Thank you all for a wonderful season!

We’ll see what lovely music we can create this Autumn!

Cheers from Julie, Ken, and David

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